Women and Child Development Department is moving rapidly towards development in case of financial and physical size. Department's annual estimated budget proves this fact very well.Department's overall budget provision was Rs. 926.37 Crore in the year 2008-09, which increase to Rs. 3251.92 in the year 2012-13.At present, total 453 projects are operational. Out of them 80,160 Anganwadi centers and 12,070 sub-Anganwadi centers are approved. Overall 97.68 Lakh beneficiaries have benefited from ICDS services through these Anganwadi Centers.

Beneficiaries of Women and Child Development Department include weaker sections of society, women and children. The task of their development and welfare is not going to be easy and could not be completed in a short period. Several schemes of the department are expanded and new schemes such as Ladli Laxmi Yojana, Atal Bal Mission and Integrated Child Protection Scheme are also being operated. The department has accepted each challenge while moving ahead dynamically.

In spite of less impressive achievement statistics, continuous improvement is observed in the status of women in society, women's are aware of their rights and interests and child malnutrition has decreased.

The development of any country is not possible without human development.According to this new concept of development, development is being evaluated on the basis of Human Development Index. International institutions, such as United Nations and World Bank had adopted the same scale. This index includes infant mortality, mortality of children under five years of age, maternal mortality, life expectancy at birth, literacy rate and nutritional status of the children. Madhya Pradesh Government is eager to meet these criteria and working on priority basis for the development and welfare of women and children, which is the large and important part of the state's population.

Various notable efforts, such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee Child Health and Nutrition Mission, Ladli Lakshmi Yojna, auspicious day celebrations in anganawadi's are being implemented in this direction. Such efforts of the state in the field of women and child development have been recognized by the Government of India. Other states have also adopted these efforts. Due to these efforts, improvement is recorded in human development index in the state.